Daily Yoga Practice is one of the keys to health and wellbeing. Being able to practice for 45 minutes each day at home empowers you to make sure you exercise everyday. Now you can practice yoga at home with internationally renowned Power Yoga master Fred Busch.

Complete Home Yoga Class – ‘Sunset on South Beach’

A Full Yoga Class for Home Practice – 40 Minutes Hot Power Vinyasa Fred Busch

[su_spacer size=”10″] “When you practice everyday your body responds in so many ways! This 40 Minute Practice is designed with the practical power yogi in mind who wants to use their 40-45 minutes of daily practice in the most efficient way possible and get all amazing benefits of Yoga in daily life!”

Fred Busch
[su_spacer size=”10″] Filmed on Miami’s famous South Beach. Fred Busch practices in a Miami Beach apartment to demonstrate Yoga being practiced in a home environment.
[su_spacer size=”10″] Join Miami Yoga founder Fred Busch as he guides you through a basic Fred Busch Miami Yoga sequence that starts with Cat and Cow and Sun Salutations and then develops into a nice Standing Asana Sequence and then Savasana and Final Meditation.
[su_spacer size=”10″] This sequence is for general use and daily home full yoga class for those who only have 45 minutes or so and want to experience all strong cardio and sweating part of Yoga!
[su_spacer size=”10″] THIS SET INTENTIONALLY DOES NOT BEGIN WITH ANY MEDITATION AND PLACES THE MEDITATION ONLY AT THE END. This was structured specifically to maximize the physiological benefits within the context of the mental and spiritual benefits which are developed throughout.
[su_spacer size=”10″] This class makes very little mention of injuries and ways to vary your practice with Fred Busch’s Healing Sequences. If you have injuries that are aggravated by Yoga, for example Lower Back Pain, this sequence is not designed for you.
[su_spacer size=”10″] In all cases to make sure this program is safe please consult your health practitioner to get permission for vigorous exercise.
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